artist's statement

"A cinder is what burns in language in lieu of the gift or the promise of the secret of that “first” burning, which may itself be a repetition. Something persists, something keeps ringing and burning between these repetitions; it is this something that gives the strange gift of a cinder."
                                                                                                            Jacques Derrida – Cinders

Pyrography is my form of lonely contemplation and alchemical work. I am convinced that the fire - more emotionally than other tools - like a seismograph or a polygraph - provides and renders (to) emotional states of fragile human being. In this way, the topographic maps of my internal states are drawn, the type of “erased” (self-burnt) diary is shaped with the order of signs (and significance) which have turned ashen. What I am trying to turn into life and establish is a kind of “sensitive reader and a record of reality” which, combined with the described process of burning, decomposing, fades and disappears. It is a kind of constant analysis of (my) belonging to the world - and an equally important constant search for reference points to which I am embedded, as well as the answer to the question: "where do I come from, where am I going to?". The area of my interests revolves around the main threads: fire and ash (as characters, as words) and constant looking for the understanding, belonging. I appreciate the importance of the relationship between fire and ash and their instant connection with fleeting nature. Also their strong relationship with people, their culture as searching for signs of/from the past. The function and symbolism associated with them, for further observation of reality, which is traced and researched using the pyrography (theory of the sensitive reader of reality), and in combination with interpersonal relationships gives a kind of personal maps of existence that could be also examined in the name of neuroscience.
I slowly develop topographic maps of my internal states and look for the space of coexistence in the name of fire.

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